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About Mr. 25eight

My Story

My name is Courtney Belger. I have been playing professional basketball overseas since 2013. I have played in four different divisions in Germany and in one division in Australia. I grew up in St. Louis, Missouri and attended College at Quincy University. I understand what it's like to get comfortable somewhere and then have to start all over again. I had to win my starting spot every year at my college because the coaches would bring in new point guards to start over me. One year we went to the sweet 16 and I was second in assist to turnover ratio in the nation for most of the year. The following year I still had to fight for my spot. A lot of people see situations like that and feel like they are unfair. I used that chapter of my life to build a high level of resilience. I always knew that I would start and have an impact on the team because I understand the secret ingredients. Undeniable dedication and concentration. If you put all your energy into one place and study what successful people do, you will normally end up on the right path to where you want to get to. Through countless hours of studying the details about the game of basketball in a variety of different ways and constantly pushing my mind and body to exhaustion I was able to get a tryout to play in Europe. My first contract in Europe had a six month tryout period. Normally you only have a one month tryout period. My first contract in Australia didn't pay me any money. I bet on myself and went after my dream to be a professional basketball player, which allowed me to become one of the most valuable players in both countries. Basketball is a game of talent and skill for sure, but it is also a game of mental toughness. It is very tough and takes a different mentality to show up every day for free while training and preparing like you are the highest paid player in the league. If your core beliefs are built on ground rooted principles that are important to you anything is possible. I would love to mentor you through what it takes to attack the obstacles life throws at you using the game of basketball.

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About Mrs. 25eight 

My Experience, My Passion

My name is Ali Schwagmeyer-Belger. I have been playing professional basketball overseas for the last 7 years. I have played in the top German, Spanish, Romanian and Australian leagues. I grew up in a small town where opportunities can be limited because of exposure so I was not able to play AAU basketball. I say this because I realize that sometimes people have to take different paths in order to get to the same destination. I feel like that has been my journey. Sometimes our journey doesn't go according to how we think it should go, but that doesn't mean that we still can't end up at the same destination that we have dreamed of our whole life. I have learned that when  someone says no to my dream that it doesn't really mean no to me. It means not right now. So how do I change the "no" into an "absolute yes"? Well the answer is I had to change my thought process and my training process into a 25 eight mental and physical state. A complete state of surrender to making my dream become a reality. At 25 Eight Mentality Training we understand the ends and outs, the ups and the downs of chasing your dreams, and working to become the best basketball player that you can be. We want you to understand that that no matter what level you want to get to and achieve, you can look back at it and know that you truly have no regrets because you have given it everything you had. My passion is to help others along their journey mentally, physically and spiritually to have no regrets and to get where they want to go. At 25 Eight Mentality Training you not only get experienced basketball players and trainers, but you also get a support system and mentorship who has been through the highs and the lows at almost every level of this industry. That in itself is invaluable. We understand that sometimes the game can be more mental than it is physical, and having that knowledge will allow us to help you be the very best that you can be.

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