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We have been very successful in helping multiple players from beginners to elite level professionals improve. Take a look below at what a few of the athletes we have trained have experienced.


Courtney Belger is one of the most meticulous athletes I have come across when it comes to the pursuit of greatness within professional sports. The way in which he engages in a lifestyle of devoted, purposeful training in and outside of the gym is what makes him a great athlete as well as skills trainer. None of what he teaches is theory, but a tried and tested method of teaching that comes from experience. 

During our training sessions, there wasn’t anything that he asked me to do that he wasn’t able to perform at an extremely high level. We worked on a variety of offensive scoring tactics, but focused on the idea of simplifying the game by doing less, the right way. If Courtney is adding something to your bag, it is because it needs to be there in order to be effective in your role. His coaching leads to substance and consistent results instead of a temporary high due to a collection of ‘new moves’.

The main benefit to working with Courtney is the growth of awareness and subsequent practice of the mental approach to training and in-game performance. He strikes an incredibly rare and unique balance of challenging beyond the comfort zone while also encouraging and instilling belief in a way that enables you to maximize the effort you put in with him towards your goals. I am thankful to have met, and trained with Courtney for several years now. 

Courtney does not skip steps himself, and doesn’t allow those he trains to do so either. 

Daniel Alexander 
NCAA D1 Athlete
SEABL Champion 2017
NBA G-League Champion 2018


“I don’t know where to start when talking about Courtney! The first time I met him was in 2013 when he signed his first contract in Germany! Since then he’s just been great to be honest. As a basketball player and especially as an individual. He took me under his wings right from the beginning, it didn’t mattered to him that I was just 14 or 15 at that time. He saw something in me and he told me I’m next up. Since than we never stopped working out together. Whenever we have the chance we go to the gym. He gave me that gym rat mindset. 
The most impressive things about CB for me are two things ... the first thing is his story he worked his self up from starting his career in the 5th division in Germany to become one of the best players in Pro A within 6 years. That’s special for sure. The second thing which is even more important to me is that he‘s still the same guy! Till this day I still send him same game or workout tapes from me and he directly tells me what to do better! 
I have nothing bad to say about him. #humbleandhungrycrew”

Jakob Freimuth
Bramsche Devils


The first thing that comes to my mind when I talk about Courtney is of course his ability to play basketball and work hard, but it’s more than just that. He want everybody to be great, get better and do his thing. He cares about others.
I remember when I played with him in Schalke. He had a little injury and couldn’t practice for 1-2 weeks but he still came with me to the gym at midnight and worked me out because he wants to make others better.
His practice methods and knowledge are built over years and years of hard work, film study,attention to detail, and his relentlessness. 
In my opinion that makes him one of the greatest not only as a player but as a skills coach also.

Leon Friederici
2020 Most Improved Player - Pro A Germany


I first met Courtney in 2017 at schalke where we played in the German Pro B together and later moved up to Pro A where we teamed up again. It didn't take much time for me to notice that he was cut from a different cloth. From the beginning on out he was always listening and had a honest opinion if you needed it, doesn't matter who you are or where you're from.

Cb was always willing to put in extra work with anybody as long as you brought the will and 100% to the Gym. Furthermore he did put a big focus on game like shots and situations as well as pointing out mistakes he's seen us doing in the game. His effort not only on but also off the court is unmatched and I personally have never witnessed anything close to that. 

In the 2 years we played together Courtney had a major impact on my game and was the biggest reason I made big steps basketball wise and more importantly mentally. 

I learned a lot and I really appreciate CB’s time and patience he spent working me and also other teammates out and hope we'll get to work out together again soon.

Niclas Sperber
2017 Youngster of the Year Nominee - Pro B Germany


“I have had the pleasure to workout with CB on many occasions. When we first met, I was a sophomore at Quincy who just wanted to follow in his footsteps. As time went on I saw how much effort and focus went into his preparation. After each workout, I always have plenty of moves/drills that I build on until our next opportunity together.  Outside of workouts, CB is known for sharing tips or facts that help athletes expand our minds. More specifically, these tips help me to further my IQ on and off of the court. Following his blueprint from college to now has helped me reach the NCAA DII Men’s Basketball Tournament, as well as winning 3 trophies in England’s NBL Division 1. CB’s continued basketball journey, alongside Ali’s, inspires me to work everyday to chase the goals I have placed in my career. Anyone working with CB will surely grow their physical basketball skills, while also sharpening their mental approach to the game.”

Herm Senor-Hickman
NBL D1 Champion - England


“As a post player, I was always put into categories of what I could or couldn’t do on the court because of my position. During my second season of playing professionally, I started training with Courtney and he helped develop me into a player that was not defined by her position but rather the variety of skills she brought to the game. Courtney expanded my scoring opportunities through game-like scenario training and fine-tuned my passing abilities which resulted in my personal best scoring and assist average during regular season. I have seen Courtney develop players ranging from beginner-level youth to top-level professionals and he has my utmost recommendation for any player who is eager to get better.”

Devanny King
Barca CBS - Spain


I’ve known Courtney for five years and have had the opportunity to train him off & on during that time. His work ethic is unmatched and his attention to detail is incredible. He wants to understand every aspect of every move to make it as efficient as possible. I’ve also worked camps with him where I was able to see him teach the game to players of all ages and skill levels. He has the ability to explain things so they are easily comprehended and uses progressions in his drills that allow players to truly grasp the skill. Courtney is not only a great athlete, he’s one of the most genuine people I know. I’m confident that his ball handling courses will provide great value for you if you are willing to put in the work.

Darrell Johnson 
Cross Over Hoops Basketball Skills Trainer


Courtney Belger is simply the most professional pro that exists. A guy that takes care of his body, mind, team mates, coaching staff, and personal relationships. 

Courtney and his partner Ali are the sole reason I am able to play in a semi pro basketball league today. Courtney's training on the court has been pivotal. Work with shooting, ball handling, balance, change of direction, finishing and defending. With multiple drills, game scenarios and constant correctional keys Courtney allows you to learn and grow continually within your own game and maintain the confidence to take it to your opponents.

The biggest thing Courtney gives to all of his friends/team mates/clients is confidence, it is always key.

Carl Aylett
SBL - Australia


Courtney is everything aspiring athletes should work to be. The discipline he demonstrates off court and his work ethic on court/on his game has been amazing to watch or hear about from others athletes. If you have the chance to learn from athletes who approach the game of basketball as Courtney does you have to take advantage of that.

Julian Pesava
Giessen 46ers - Pro B Germany


“Courtney Belger is one of the most professional basketball players I have ever coached. From the minute he stepped on the court with our team he was doing whatever it took to make us better. 
I watched him work 7 days a week to improve himself so that he could rise through the ranks and go from low division German League to ProA. Which in turn took him from good player in the WA SBL to an elite all star. The biggest difference between CB and other athletes is that he was grateful for his opportunity and tried to learn off everyone. There would come times where we didn’t see eye to eye but he never let it carry on past the game. 
This man worked so hard to prove that no matter how down on your luck that you are, you can go from selling phones to a pro basketball player. Believe and work and you might be able to reach similar heights.”

Jackson Mews
SBL Assistant Coach
Skills Academy Trainer


Courtney Belger is one of the most down to earth trainers and people i have met. This mans approach to life and how he carries himself on the court in remarkable. 
Courtney just “Gets it done”  he is a no excuses kind of guy and is always looking for ways to help others succeed.  Not only has Courtney used his knowledge on the basketball court to help improve others Athletes , he has also mentored coaches like my self.
There are not many individuals like Courtney Belger around. He is a true legend and professional.

Frank Johnson 
CEO/Head Skills Trainer at

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